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Pregnancy Calculator

When was the first day of your last menstrual period?

Estimated Length of Pregnancy:

Abortion Pill
Up To 10.0 weeks
First Trimester Abortion
Up To 13.6 weeks
Early Second Trimester Abortion
Up To 15.6 weeks – 1 day
Second Trimester Abortion
Up to 23.3 weeks – 2 or 3 days
Gynecological Exam
Downtown or Northwest Chicago
Birth Control Consultation
Downtown or Northwest Chicago

The Pregnancy Calculator above provides an estimation of gestation (how long you have been pregnant) from reported last normal menstrual period and does not constitute medical advice. A missed period does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant, and having a period like bleeding does not mean you are not pregnant. If your period has been late, early, shorter than normal, and/or longer than normal you may have been having bleeding during pregnancy. Only an exam, pregnancy test, or ultrasound by a physician can confirm pregnancy and approximate length of pregnancy. This calculator should be used as a guide only and should not be relied upon for weeks of pregnancy, conception date, or due date.

If you are currently enrolled in Illinois Medicaid or eligible for Medicaid and willing to apply for coverage we will be able to provide abortion care for you at NO COST in most cases. You will not have to pay anything for care related to your abortion including sedation, medications, lab testing, ultrasound, or RhoGAM if you have a negative blood type. For more information look under the ‘Fees’ section on the main page of our website and click on the option ‘Information Regarding Abortion Services for Illinois Residents’

You must bring in proof of current Medicaid eligibility or documentation that you have already applied for Medicaid coverage to the office on the day of your visit. You can also email the document(s) to FPA before your visit. The email address is: