Women who have had unprotected sex, or who may have experienced contraceptive failure during sex, may wish to consider using the morning after pill, which may prevent a pregnancy. A high dosage of hormones in the morning after pill interrupts normal ovulation and can interfere with fertilization. The morning after pill must be administered as soon as possible after unprotected sex for the maximum effect. This revolutionary drug can be obtained through the leading Chicago area abortion clinic, Family Planning Associates OB/GYN.

Using Drugs to Terminate a Pregnancy

Having an abortion by pill is fairly common. Chemical termination of a pregnancy needs to be done under the supervision of a Chicago area abortion clinic, where doctors can prescribe and administer the pill. Women desiring to use drug intervention to end a pregnancy should be under the care of the specialists at Family Planning Associates, a leading Chicago area abortion clinic.

We offer the following services to our patients in the Chicago area:

  • Medical consultation
  • Physical examination
  • Drug administration
  • Care during the procedure
  • Follow-up care

Women trust Family Planning Associates in Chicago because we can coordinate all the steps needed to terminate a pregnancy. We can also assist women in preventing a pregnancy by administering the morning after pill.

Clinical Abortions in Chicago

For a number of women, having an abortion by pill may not be an acceptable method for terminating a pregnancy. One alternative is a clinical abortion performed under sterile conditions in our Chicago area abortion clinic. Family Planning Associates provides clinical abortions to women who desire to terminate a pregnancy or when carrying a fetus to term brings serious health risks. In these cases, our specialists in OB/GYN medicine will evaluate the patient and perform necessary tests in advance of the actual clinical abortion procedure.

Birth Control Services

Before a pregnancy happens, women can secure birth control services from Family Planning Associates. Among the many birth control methods available are the use of external and internal contraceptive devices such as condoms, diaphragms and Intrauterine Devices (IUDs). The morning after pill is also available. Come in today to see how we can help you.